£25 million: going, going … OMG, it’s very nearly gone!

£25 million: going, going … OMG, it’s very nearly gone!

I’m going to keep it short this week – no strangled metaphors; no stories; no powerful personal development messages.

I simply want to tell you about a shocking £25 million missed opportunity affecting thousands of business owners.

In January 2014 the Government put up £30 million to support small businesses get great strategic advice from key advisers, all with the aim of growing their businesses. It was called the Growth Voucher.

15 months later, and with just 4.5 days to go before the scheme stops, less than £5 million has been distributed. And the reason is that most small and medium sized business owners still know absolutely nothing about the scheme. That’s £25 million off their target – and 18,500 fewer business owners have received advice that their original target of 20,000.

It’s an absolute shocker! I can hardly get my head round just how inept their whole marketing process has been.

And, as one of the recently-voted Top 50 Advisers in the UK, I’ve advised more than my fair share of the 1500 or so voucher recipients and I know the extraordinary value that can be delivered and the difference it can make.

So, I apologise if you’ve heard from me about the scheme. Or if you’ve already had and used your voucher. Or even if you’ve decided it’s not for you. However, I’ve become something of an evangelist about this and want to get the message out to as many as possible in the last remaining days. If this isn’t for you, please pass it on to other business owners that you know.

The point is, IT’S NOT TOO LATE!

Provided you get your application started by close of play on 31st March – that’s next Tuesday – you’re in with a chance of getting £2000 in match funding.

And if you want to know more, below is my super-helpful webinar that I recorded just last week. It’s MUCH more helpful that the Government info – as I suspect that you can imagine! – and tells you everything you need to know to decide if it’s for you, what it involves and the benefit you’ll get from using it.

Watch the webinar here>>

And the link to apply is here>> (though I really recommend you watch the webinar first!)

If you’re SUPER QUICK I may be able to help you one to one …

In the webinar I offered 12 free consultancy session with me before the deadline to help people work out how they could benefit from the Growth Voucher – in truth, all 12 sessions have gone but if you request a session now I’ll do everything in my power to accommodate you. But you need to be quick as I simply have very little time left in my diary.

Please help me spread the word – there’s £25 million plus knocking about out there and some of it could be yours …



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