Are you behaving yourself? Or should you be on the business ‘naughty step’?

Are you behaving yourself? Or should you be on the business ‘naughty step’?

I had the pleasure last weekend to spend time with over 150 entrepreneur business owners, all driven to grow their businesses. The energy across the four days was extraordinary – a real sense of shared excitement and commitment as people mapped out their dream, and filled in the detail with how and when they were going to achieve it.

On days three and four I was positioned as an ‘expert in marketing’ and had the chance to consult with 42 of the attendees – yes, that is a lot of talking even for me!! – and so I was able to drill down into some really specific issues with them, albeit over a very limited timeframe!

But in reality, only a few of the attendees will achieve their dream. They will take massive inspiration from the event and will use it as a turning point in their lives – personally and professionally.

In contrast, there will be others where it will simply be another ‘thing’ they did. Nothing will change for them. They aren’t going to achieve their dream business. You know that. I know that. And probably, deep down, so do they.

And I believe there is one single – simple – factor that will define who falls into one group versus the other – and it is their behaviour.

Because, wasn’t it Einstein who reckoned that the definition of insanity was continually doing the same things – but expecting different results? 

Change what you DO – and change what you GET

In order for get a different outcome , you HAVE to change what you do – your daily disciplines and behaviours will literally define your success. How you think. What you do. And who you mix with.

One of the easiest checks and balances any of us can use, is to ask yourself … “is this behaviour congruent with achieving my dream?”. Because if it’s not – change it. Really, It is THAT simple. Because, quite simply, if the answer is ‘no’ then something’s got to change.

Here are some examples of ‘incongruent’ behaviour that I came across – frequently – over the weekend – ask yourself, how many apply to you?

  • Having no clear goals. The Yale study all those years ago proved that you are MASSIVELY more likely to achieve your goals if they are written down. Richard Branson has clear goals you can be certain. And so should you. If you don’t know where you are heading, you can’t ever get there. Common sense.
  • Running a time-for-money business. Where you are limited by the numbers of hours in a week and the ‘going rate’. There’s no way a book keeper can build a £100,000+ business – let alone anything bigger – without the ability to scale.
  • Spending all your time working IN the business, invariably – though not exclusively – connected with point 2. If you don’t allow yourself time to focus on your marketing or business systems, you can’t ever scale what you do.
  • Suffering from ‘control freakery’. Believing that you are the only person / best person to do a given task in your business. The only job YOU need to be best at is ‘growing it’ – everything else can be – and should be – delegated.
  • Being reluctant to grow your team – internal and external. You cannot do it all on your own (refer to point 2). Be really clear what you need someone to do. Set proper criteria for success. Recruit good people. Share the criteria with them and monitor the results. If it doesn’t work – get rid of them. In 4 – 8 weeks you’ll know.
  • Lacking a clear pricing strategy. Combined with the inability (or a reluctance) to manage the time customers take up. You are in charge of your time – and only you can give permission for others to steal it. If you don’t value your time – customers won’t. I saw many fractured business models where their pricing meant they need to be earning 40+ hours in a one-man business to achieve only moderate success. It can’t work.
  • Thinking like everyone else in your sector. Moost people are getting ‘OK’ results and if you act pretty much like they do, that’s exactly what you’ll get.
  • Believing ‘my business is different’. “I like all that marketing stuff and I can see it works for you … but it doesn’t really apply to my sector”. Oh yes it does. Successful business owners continually ask themselves HOW – not IF – they can apply ideas and techniques.
  • Having no marketing system. If I had a pound for every time I’ve been told that people are ‘working on getting their CRM system sorted’ I’d truly be rich by now. Honestly, it’s not that big a deal. Choose one. Make it happen. Stop procrastinating. Making a WRONG decision here is SO much better than making NO decision. You simply cannot grow your business without a proper system of managing clients and prospects.
  • Making ‘tinkering’ rather than ‘bold’ decisions. If people left the event last weekend with the plan to change a few bits and pieces here and there, they’ll be in for a shock. You won’t get a massively different results, without massively different thinking. Tinkering does not cut it. And fortune favours the brave. 
  • And lacking self-belief. If you continually define yourself as a 40,000-pounder kind of a guy … that’s what you’ll always be. Successful people aren’t necessarily any smarter than you – they simply had a dream, believed in themselves and went for it. 

The people I spoke with have to make a decision – are they preared to change? Or are they prepared for the consequnces of staying the same? 

And what about you?

They say that the way you do ONE THING is the way you do EVERYTHING and successful people are always more energised and committed to everything they do.

So what simple behaviour could you change TODAY that would define your commitment to building the successful business you have always dreamed about?

And what ‘incongruent behaviours’ are you going to stop – RIGHT NOW – because you know they don’t fit your image of a successful new you?

Have fun with it – and tell me ways you’ve changed your behaviours and got a great result.


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