Are you influencing your customers and reaping the rewards?

Are you influencing your customers and reaping the rewards?

>If you’ve not read Robert Cialdini’s book ‘Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion’, then I strongly recommend you check it out.

He talks us through the six key ways in which we are hard-wired to respond to certain cues. They are…

Reciprocation – You give me something … I have to give you something back
Commitment and consistency – I am compelled to be consistent in the way I behave
Social proof – I’m more likely to want to do what others around me are doing
Liking – All things being equal, I’m much more likely to do business with friends …All things being not quite equal, I’m still much more likely to do business with friends …
Authority – We are ‘pack animals’ and we look for leadership…essentially, doing it because the bloke in the posh suit said so!
Scarcity – If I can’t have it … I suddenly want it all the more!!!

The examples he gives – he’s an experimental behavioural research scientist – show some extraordinary examples as to how POWERFUL these reactions can be. I gave a webinar on the whole book yesterday, simply because I wanted people to fully understand how serious they need to take these ideas. They are worthy of your time and effort in understanding how you can apply them in your marketing.

Here are some really simple techniques that WORK!!

Reciprocation – Thank you cards and gifts. Welcome baskets. Delivery gifts. Free gifts with the product. Multiple level pricing – eg. Gold, silver and bronze packages
Commitment and consistency – Following up with customers. Providing multiple opportunities for them to develop a buying habit. Membership packages.• Social proof – Testimonials – done properly! Social media. Recommendations.
Liking – Party plan. Celebrity endorsement. Photos and video. Referral schemes..
Authority – Demonstrating leadership behaviour in your sector. Write a book. Get a speaker gig. Run a webinar. Use social media to demonstrate your credentials.
Scarcity – Use short deadlines. Or limited availability – only X available. Count it down …

These are practical ways where most businesses can use irresistible – literally! – techniques to achieve improve their sales and marketing results. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune. And it does work. Think it through properly and check out the difference in the results you get!


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