ButtKicker Business Growth Coaching

ButtKicker Business Growth Coaching

One issue with running a business is that frankly no-one but you really cares whether you succeed or fail. Business owners don’t have a ‘boss’ and so, the truth is that most of us prioritise supporting our clients – or the team – over working on our own businesses. 

A laudable attitude in some ways – but not one that’s going to grow your business unfortunately. If your business really is going to have a successful and exciting future you MUST spend time working ON your business and focusing on your strategy. 

Which is why having a business growth mentor can make all the difference.

And, in particular, this is the difference I can make for you …

  • A focus on planning – I’m a BIG picture person and it really helps to understand how the whole business growth machine fits together, so that we can identify gaps and opportunities. 
  • Ideas and creative input – I have a lot of experience about what works and what doesn’t in marketing and I can help you get things moving quicker. 
  • Experience – I’ve run my own business for 27 years now and I’ve been there, seen it and done it – not only with my own challenges but in helping hundreds of business owners with theirs. 
  • Problem solving – someone to share challenges with and we can work on the issues together. 
  • Directness – I don’t mess around and will tell you how I see it. We’ll have some fun on the journey but you can expect me to be VERY straight with you. 
  • Accountability – having someone to whom you are committed to achieving your goals and commitments. Your boss, if you like; or your CEO.  However, our continuing relationship is dependent on you doing what you say you will do – we won’t be messing around with excuses! – I’m known as ‘The Butt Kicker’ for a very good reason. 

And there’s a low risk to us starting to work together … 

  • There are no contracts or tie ins 
  • I guarantee to deliver value – or I’ll give you your money back – the relationship only works for both of us if I can deliver value 
  • However, our continuing relationship is dependent on you doing the things we agree you need to do 
  • If you’d like to know more about how you can have Vanessa Lanham-Day as part of your team; just set up a call with Vanessa to discuss how she can help you achieve your goals>> 




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