Cracking the basics with your CRM

Cracking the basics with your CRM

Working with one of my Super Success Accelerator clients this week on his marketing progress made me realise that it’s not necessarily that people lack the ‘will’ to act – it’s more that they often don’t know ‘how’ to act. Key bits of the jigsaw are missing and so nothing happens.

By the end of the session we had got a whole bunch of key pieces in place and he’s well on his way. So my blog over the next few weeks is going to be about getting some of the basics sorted. 

This week – connecting up your CRM system and getting started.

Nearly everyone who passes through my doors ends up investing in a ‘proper’ CRM system. Excel spreadsheets, Outlook and out of date data systems just won’t cut it in the modern marketing world.

Your ability to stay in touch with your customers, past customer and connections is VITAL. And it’s not just about selling – people will soon get bored with you banging on flogging them one thing or the other. The vital item is your – ideally – weekly ‘value’ content. Like this blog for example.

Which CRM system?

Well, there are literally hundreds available so I completely get that it’s hard to choose. However, in my book, in additional to the CRM basics, it needs to be able to do the following:

  • Run automated email sequences – such as a string of emails welcoming new customers, or a stream of emails building up to an offer
  • Have some sort of ‘tagging’ system that allows you to segment your data and search for unique groups within your data
  • Be able to create ‘tasks’ reminding you to follow up, for example

However, don’t procrastinate. Check out some systems – make a decision – get started.

I use InfusionSoft – the top end of the market but SUPER powerful and will replace a member of staff! Check it out here: Link to Infusionsoft>>

However, the super-effective alternative that I have also been using with clients is AllClients. You can get yourself up and running in no time, and it costs about £25 a month – and you get a discount if you go via my link here! Link to AllClients>>

Getting up and running

I fully accept it can feel a bit daunting knowing where to start – I have been there myself! But the best thing to do is just start. Do one thing. Then do another. It won’t take long before you’ve mastered a whole bunch of skills and you will soon be wondering how you managed without.

  • Get your current data together in a spreadsheet. Make sure all your columns make sense – no ‘post codes’ in the ‘town’ field! Check the spellings, upper and lower case etc – it’s easier sorting batches on a spreadsheet than once ‘in’ the system.
  • Label different types of clients or products in different columns – eg. client type, product purchased etc. This will allow you to import all the data ready-segmented, allowing you to talk to different people in different ways.
  • If it’s been a short while since you last emailed all your connections, run the list through your Outlook (or equivalent) to ask permission to email them – you will probably have to send them in batches of 50 at a time using the BCC field so that you don’t share your data. It will also clear out all your ‘bounces’ so that you can import a clean, permission-based list.
  • Import the list – you can match your fields with the standard fields in the system. Any extras that you need – set up ‘custom fields’. Just a note about AllClients – it’s American and its standard address fields exclude an ‘address2’ field. I prefer to set up all the UK address fields as ‘custom fields’ so that it’s all grouped together on the page. You might have to import the data a couple of times to get it perfect, but once it’s in you’re ready to go.
  • Set up your first ‘value’ email – a great chance to get a ‘template’ for future emails set up.
  • Send it.
  • Think of the next thing you are going to do. Do it.

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