Easy, peasy, lemon squeezey! Making your online selling MASSIVELY more powerful

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezey! Making your online selling MASSIVELY more powerful

I chuckled to myself this week while I was preparing for a call with a client. “Life used to be so much simpler,” she wrote. “You use to be able to print a business card and put an ad in the Yellow Pages, and your marketing was pretty much done!”

I SOOOO empathise with how she feels. I often say the exact same thing when I speak on business and marketing – though I’d add networking via your local Chamber as the third essential pillar, back in the day!

Well, times have changed for sure. And one of those pesky new notions you now need to get your head round is the Squeeze Page, or Landing Page. Most people have no idea what one is, or how to create one. So, following my theme of my ‘dealing with the basics’, let me explain.

What it is …

Essentially a squeeze page is a one-page website with a call to action. You can’t navigate anywhere else and you have essentially two choices – you either do ‘the thing’ (fill in the form, download the book, watch the video) or you don’t. It makes people take action NOW.

What’s the difference between a squeeze page and a landing page?

The purpose of a squeeze page is to collect your information and to use this to develop a relationship with you and, eventually, sell you something. The goal is to ‘squeeze’ their data into your marketing funnel.

Now this makes you start to think quite differently – because the purpose of your marketing isn’t to SELL, but to offer something that is, essentially, a no brainer for your target customer. Once you know who they are – then the marketing really begins. And it allows you to add value and build a proper relationship – which will always reflect well on your prices.

For example, people attracted to my facebook advertising are likely to be business owners. They are driven to a squeeze pages where they are offered information about the Growth Voucher scheme where they can get £2000 in Government funding, access to a video with more information, and a chance to have a conversation with me. www.growth-voucher.co.uk. No selling, just information. But of course, if I can have a good conversation with them, that’s a whole different matter.

A landing page is likely to be more sales oriented. So rather than your Google Adwords all being linked to your website home or products page, requiring the punter to navigate around, to find what they want, they are directed to a specific super-targeted page which is an exact match to the search term they used in Google.

So if you are looking for wooden Venetian blinds in Surrey, you don’t get sent to a general page but specifically to a wooden Venetian blinds page, with a local phone number and strong call to action that’s very likely to get you to act. This page may not even exist on your normal website navigation – its purpose is purely to serve the advertising.

Landing pages make a MASSIVE difference to the effectiveness of your online advertising. Lazy business owners often dabble with Pay Per Click advertising, but then don’t do the hard work to secure the sale. I often hear that Google Ads don’t work – “we pay for loads of clicks, but we don’t make sales!” This is a landing page issue for sure.

Next week, I’ll let you into to the secret of how I create super-effective squeeze pages – and how you can get a huge discount (20-30%) on the tool I use!




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