Frank Sinatra did it his way – and so should you … especially when it comes to writing your sales letter!

Frank Sinatra did it his way – and so should you … especially when it comes to writing your sales letter!

Every business needs a GREAT sales letter. Whether it’s one you send by post; or a video; a web page; or an email. A smart piece of copy that drives your audience to the incontrovertible conclusion that they need to take action. 

Because, if you can crack the ‘perfect’ letter to are a VERY long way to having a marketing system that works for you. 

Yet, in the many years that I have been working with SME business owners, I’ve come to the conclusion that most people are shocking at writing compelling copy that makes people want to act. Worse than shocking in most cases. You might be compelled to hurl the offending item out of the window or into the bin – but little else.

Which is why I’m on a bit of a crusade to help people get better at writing sales copy. And I started by asking myself why it is that most people are incapable of making what they sell sound attractive to the people who should need or want it the most? 

And I think the answer is simple – it’s because people are bogged down with the idea that there is a ‘right way’ to write a sales letter. And I want to prove them wrong.

Like Frank Sinatra said …  

I say there is only ONE way to write a great letter – and that’s YOUR way. Authentic. True. Unique. Compelling. Because the inevitable alternative is that you write it in some other, ‘alien’ way which ends up sounding just like everyone else. Nil authenticity. False sounding. One of many. Culminating in zero desire to act. 

I’ve been doing a series of workshops on the subject of great sales letters recently and the same issue has come up time and time again. People seem to be afraid of stepping outside of some pre-conceived boundaries – probably based on the fear of seeming ‘unprofessional‘ and hence settle for tired, hackneyed copy which fails miserably. 

I would simply ask – ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’  I guarantee that dull sales copy WON’T be getting you results, so surely trying something new is worth a gamble? Like I say – what’s the worst that could happen? 

A radical rethink

Just this last weekend I was delighted to help an old friend rewrite their CV. She was returning to work after a 14 year ‘Mum’ gap and, despite dozens of applications, was not getting even as far as an interview. She’d fallen into the trap of thinking that there is a ‘right way’ to write a CV. By following convention and industry ‘gurus’ she had succeeded in looking like everyone else – but with less experience. No wonder no-one wanted to see her. She was making it really easy for recruiters to add her to the NO pile.

There followed a radical rewrite, adding humour, pathos, graphics and pictures – and it finished up FOUR pages long. Yes, FOUR pages – despite convention being really cloar that it should be no longer than TWO.

  • We started by listing all the reasons why someone would NOT want to employ her, including the fact that it was 14 years since she’d last worked.
  • We also listed the larger number of reasons why someone WOULD employ her. 
  • Her photo was a selfie of her and Mickey Mouse! 
  • And a lot more besides … 

And the result?

After applying online for a job the same day, she had an interview booked in less than 4 hours; the interview a day later and a job offer the same afternoon.

In fact it took less than 36 hours for her to get the result she wanted because we’d turned her CV into compelling sales copy that demanded attention and got her the result that she wanted.

Your sales letter is no different I promise you.



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