Heading for the sunshine – or possibly not in our case … !

Heading for the sunshine – or possibly not in our case … !

Each year in the early Spring, Steve and I hop over to our house in France – and there are two things you can set your watch by … 1) the weather will take a dramatic turn for the worse (check out the Europe forecast for Friday!) and 2) The French Air Traffic Controllers will go on strike.

Looks like we may have achieved a home run on both counts!

The fact is ‘sh*t happens’ every day. It’s not a conspiracy – it’s just a simple fact. Ask any business owner what unexpected ‘googlies’ they get bowled on a day-to-day basis. Like the dollar rate fluctuating. Unexpected staff absences. The server failing. Interruptions in the supply chain. Foreign suppliers being, well, ‘Foreign’!! And even flooding – that can be fun too!

But of course, the BIG lesson is not about what happens to you – it’s about how you ‘react’ to it.

So, do you find yourself dealing with unmitigated disasters on a regular basis? Or do you take each incident calmly in your stride, with hardly a hair out of place?

There is most definitely an art to dealing with the ‘sh*t’ when it happens in your business – or anywhere else! – and it certainly makes finding a solution much more likely.

So, in heading for the airport in Friday – we’ve vowed to …

  • Accept that we can’t control what we can’t control – so we won’t even try!
  • Stay calm and flexible – on open to all the possibilities; we might think of jumping on a flight to Bilbao and hiring a car from there.
  • Be prepared in advance for all the eventualities – anything from a delay of an hour or two to not being able to fly at all. The car will be packed ready for the tunnel if needed, plus we’ll take plenty of entertainment with us in case of long delays.
  • And to stay emotionally detached from the whatever the outcome might be – after all, the staff at the airport won’t be deliberately setting out to work with the intention of communicating badly with us, or spoiling our day.
  • So, ask yourself, when things go wrong in your business, what’s your survival code?



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