How a slight change to your thinking can make a MASSIVE difference to your outcome

How a slight change to your thinking can make a MASSIVE difference to your outcome

Working with my Mastermind group last week, we focused some time on challenging our patterns of thinking. You know the kind of thing, thoughts and scripts that ‘run’ automatically and dictate the way we behave, meaning we tend to respond in much the same way every time, given similar sets of circumstances.

It doesn’t take Einstein to work out that this can have a massive impact in business. 

Scripts like…

  • People won’t pay that much!
  • I could never charge THAT daily rate!
  • I’ll give it a try but these things don’t normally work for me
  • People like me don’t get to run BIG businesses
  • I’m not that clever
  • I’m hopeless at technology
  • I’ve had a good month – believe it or not!

In fact, if you want to find a short cut to failing in business, I strongly recommend that you adopt all of the above – and move swiftly to the inevitable outcome!

Think about people like Richard Branson, any of TV’s ‘Dragons,’ or any other successful business person you admire – and ask yourself the question… ‘do they think like this?’

The answer is simple – of course they don’t. 

Often it’s only minor tweaks to your thinking that are needed for you to get a VERY different result. It might be a struggle for you to move from ‘I could never charge that daily rate’ to ‘Next time I’m asked for my daily rate I’m going to increase my current rate by 50% and then SHUT UP! – and see what happens’.  

Or, ‘I’ve had a great month – believe it or not!’ … to ‘It’s been a great month and it’s the start of the best year I’m ever going to have in business’. 

This subtle change in your thinking – your 24/7 ‘self talk’  – gives your brain permission to try other options. Trust me. It’s powerful. And it works!

This year, going away for 6 weeks’ vacation for the first time, we had plans to take LOTS more stuff. We were taking the 4×4 hatch back, the pets weren’t coming with us this time etc. So definitely LOADS more room in the car!

However, it soon became clear that five boxes were NOT going to fit in. Try as we might. After a lot of pushing and shoving and turning cases sideways we were no closer to the answer. So we asked ourselves the question, “What is a ‘must have’ and what could we leave behind if we had to?” After 5 minutes we had a pile of bits on the drive that we’d decided that were not going to travel with us.

But then my husband Steve (never one to quit!) tried to see if we could squeeze the odd bottle in here or there (can you believe we had 12 bottles of Prosecco in the ‘no’ pile as I prefer it to French bubbly!) and we soon had ALL the bottles on board. Then we did the same with the next thing. And the next thing. And then suddenly it was ALL in the car! 

Honestly, no word of a lie. It just all fitted in. And it had genuinely seemed an impossible task. You could have barely squeezed a sheet of loo paper between the lot, but it was ALL packed.

And I think it’s simply because we gave ourselves permission to think differently about the problem. We broke it down. We were much less committed to the outcome – ie. we weren’t that bothered if the items didn’t come – and hey presto, space just appeared.

In business, instead of thinking the way you always have – after all you will get the same results if you do! – give yourself permission to tweak your thoughts to something more likely to get you the outcome you want … and reap the rewards.



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