How do I create my squeeze page?

How do I create my squeeze page?

As I explained in my blog last week. This can be really easy – depending on the building tool you choose to help you. There are lots around – most of them far more technical than I want to have to deal with (!) – and I so was massively relieved when I discovered the Squeeze Page Toolkit because it does what it says on the can!

It’s so easy to use, I’ve become a bit of an evangelist – and as a result I managed to persuade the guys who created it to offer my clients and contacts a great discounted rate. Meaning I can now offer people a substantial discount if they use my special link – thanks to Dan, the Squeeze Page Man! See

Simple steps to building your squeeze page …

Step 1 – link it to your CRM data base
This is called ‘integration’ and it’s a once only thing. You’ll need the ‘API key’ – basically, this lets your CRM and the toolkit talk to each other and will mean that will your new contacts gathered through the Toolkit fly straight into your CRM system. You’ll probably find your unique API Key – usually a long number – in your settings or set up area.

Step 2 – create your form (eg. to download your book, access your special offer)
This is done in your CRM / database – such as AllClients of InfusionSoift (see last week’s blog!). Decide what fields you need – usually first name and email but bear in mind, the more you ask for, the less you’ll get!.

Step 3 – connect it to your squeeze page
In the Squeeze Page Toolkit, you connect the form you’ve created in your CRM via an ‘Action Set’.

Step 4 – build your page
The simplest way is to use a premade template – choose one that does the job, edit with your info and hey presto, you’re ready to go. If you want a bit more flexibility on how it looks, build your own using the ‘drag and drop’ facility; put a headline here, copy there, bulleted list, a video, a testimonial etc.

Step 5 – add in the form you created.

Step 6 – improve on the page name (only if you need to!)
The Toolkit will generate a unique url – web address – for your page. Here’s my Growth Voucher page address: (catchy eh?!). It’s very long but it’s absolutely fine if you are sending it to people via email, or have it linked via your online advert.

However, if I’m promoting the page in print – ie. I’m telling people to go to their computer and type this web address into the browser – then I think it’s good to have a nice snappy url – eg. I buy my web names from Fasthosts – but use any hosting company – then I use their  ‘web forwarding’ facility to direct the new url to the longer squeeze page address. Simple.

OK, I do understand that you need to be a bit tech savvy to master some of this stuff, but you don’t need to be able to write code! After all I’m very much the wrong side of 50 and I can do it!

Failing that, find a good techy and get them to do it for you. Remember, your job is to understand what you are doing, why you are doing it and what you want the results to be – let them do the grunt work if necessary.

, if you like the sound of this and want to have a go building your own Squeeze and landing pages, here’s Dan’s special deal for my contacts …. go to for a 20% – 30% discount on the Squeeze Page Toolkit.

Have fun!



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