I blame the person who dropped out….

I blame the person who dropped out….


I was delighted – albeit a little surprised – to get a call last week inviting me to be the sole guest on an hour-long business TV programme. Surprised because the session was due to go out live just 24 hours later!

They didn’t say – and I didn’t ask! – but I’m guessing they got properly dropped in the proverbial doo-doo by whichever guest they’d had booked in and who cancelled at the last minute. But hey, their loss was my gain and so I agreed.

Anyone who knows me will confirm that one problem I don’t have is the ability to talk! So, with zero preparation time – I was running my Mastermind group all the following day – it was always going to be a case of winging it and relying on my beliefs and convictions about marketing and business.

In truth, I suspect the outcome was better than if I had been ‘prepared’ – there was no script just a great discussion about marketing principles and how to apply a marketing funnel in your business – a weakness that most businesses have is the complete absence of a structured funnel.

So, if you’re interested in how I got on – here it is ….

We also got on to talk about how people can get some help with their marketing, using the Government Growth Voucher Scheme and, for those who are super-committed to getting ‘sh*t’ done, Mastermind.

We covered some good stuff – key principles every business owner should know – so set some time aside and take a good look.



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