How a ‘Host of Golden Daffodils’ could bring in the cash …

How a ‘Host of Golden Daffodils’ could bring in the cash …

Sometimes people buy from you straight away. Sometimes they’ll naturally seek you out ‘when the time is right’ … for them. But more often you will need to generate interest in what you do by running a ‘campaign’, in other words giving people who you are already connected to a reason to buy – NOW.

Today. Not next week or next month. But NOW. 

Of course you still have to show that what you do is the right fit for them and will scratch whatever itch they have. The point is simply about helping you to generate some interest and find some people who can be persuaded – with the right incentive – to act NOW.

And if you’re wondering about the daffodils – don’t worry, all will become clear!!

In any common-sense marketing plan, you need to have an annual programme of campaigns – that could mean 20 or more but more often it’s likely to mean just two or three. Planned in, prepared, written and ready to fire off on time. 

The trouble is that most business owners struggle for inspiration on how campaigns could work for them. And my simplest piece of advice is that it’s a great reason for a campaign – if you say it is!! Provided it you execute the campaign with confidence and give it real momentum it WILL resonate with some of your audience. And you only need SOME people to act to make it worthwhile.

So, here are some starting points to get your creative juices flowing …

  • The New Year or New term is an obvious angle: ‘New Year, New YOU!’ and ‘Time to plan for the year ahead’ type campaigns. Great for anyone in the health and wellbeing world, business consultancy, home improvements and so on. 
  • Similarly the seasons:Looking great for the summer’, ‘Springing into action’ and of course Christmas. 

  • Sometimes it’s the weather: Special offer on our snow shovels, today only’. Or, ‘Two umbrellas for the price of one’, or ‘An offer to cheer you up while it’s raining outside’. 
  • Your business birthday is a great opportunity: whatever age is fine. But the BIG ones are probably 1st, 5th, 7th (7 year itch?), 10th, 20th, 25th etc.
  • A product cycle: for example, my Mastermind group kicks off in December, so we start the campaign for the following year in October.
  • And many more…

However, I reckon those ‘international days’ and ‘national days’ – or weeks – offer you massive amounts of potential inspiration…

For example, did you know that it’s … 

  • International Women Day – 8th March 
    There has to be an angle there for most businesses? Women led businesses particularly – or those appealing mostly to women.
  • International Happiness Day20th March 
    Hey, let’s all try to make more customers happy!
  • World Poetry Day21st March
    What a great set of subject lines this could provide in your email campaign! Lots of ‘Wandering lonely trying to find ways to help our customers’ – or even offering a ‘host of golden daffodils’ to anyone who signs up on the day? 
  • International Day of Forests – 21st March
    No better excuse to run an email campaign I’d say!
  • International Health Day7th April
    For the health and wellbeing folk especially – or maybe just for the ‘health’ of your client’s bank account?
  • International Jazz Day – 30th April
    Again, great creative opportunities for content.
  • International Families Day15th May
    A natural for loads of businesses.
  • International Telecoms & Information Day17th May
    Who’d have thought they’d have their own ‘day’?
  • National Spinal Health Week 25th-31st May
    For the Chiros and Osteos!!
  • International Youth Day12th August
    For the young or ‘young at heart’?

My point is simply this. There is ALWAYS a reason why you can make your products more a bit appealing to potential customers and help them to make a decision to buy.

And, to be clear, that’s not the same as saying ‘slash your prices’ or offer massive discounts. It could be that they get a bit more added value – extra services or content – or are entered into a great prize draw. They could benefit from being one of a few that are invited to your exclusive webinar summit; get featured in your social media for a day. It’s up to you, Be creative.

Make the offer compelling and interesting. Make your emails compelling and interesting. Amusing even. Think it through and execute the plan well. 

Simply find a handful of occasions across the year where you can ‘shake your ‘CRM’ tree’ and flush out some customers who would be willing to spend some money with you. NOW.

For National Days, check out this site>>

For International Days, check out this site>>


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