It’s Friday and I’m APP, APP, APPy … !

It’s Friday and I’m APP, APP, APPy … !

I received a great email this morning from the guys at GoToWebinar telling me all about their new GoToWebinar App. Basically it means attendees can now easily join webinars on mobile devices – you just punch in the relevant webinar ID, and Bob’s your Uncle.

If you’re interested, here’s the link … 

So, lesson one to any of you out there using webinars as part of your comms mix – you need to be aware of this and you need to be telling your followers, as it will definitely make attendance improve.

But there is a much BIGGER lesson for ALL business owners here. App technology is massively important in creating ‘stickability’ with your customers. The added convenience – and loyalty – an App can bring is massive.

The trouble is, most smaller business owners will be stuck in the ‘it doesn’t apply to me / my sector is different / it will cost too much / only for bigger businesses’ ‘stinking-thinking’ trap.

Which, at best, suggests a ‘closed-mind’ – at worst, it’s the writing on the wall about where that business will be heading in the future. Like the Black Cabs, you can only fight it for so long – the fact is, customers like smart thinking and you can either join in or be left behind.

So, have you integrated App technology into what you do?

Or even thought about it?

After all, the taxi company UBER created a storm with London’s Black Cab drivers by making it possible to book your car by App. You can buy from Amazon in one click on the Amazon App. Have you come across Appliances Online? – they’ll deliver your TV, washing machine or fridge within hours of buying it – and you can instantly buy your product or to track your order in their superb APP. The list goes on and on.

Apps aren’t JUST for big businesses – really! 

My point is, Apps are not limited to just big businesses. Couldn’t your local taxi company offer an App so you can book your late night cab home from the theatre? Or book your Friday night special from your local takeaway? Business consultants can offer you access to their resources – and so forth. You just need to think about who your customers are and how you can make their life easier.

I’m in the process of having an App built for my business – all under wraps right now but all will be revealed in early 2015! – and you can too. And it’s not prohibitively expensive either. I’m ‘uber’ excited, if you’ll forgive the pun!

So – here’s some suggestions for you…

  • Think about ways you can access your customers ‘on the move’ – I guarantee that EVERY business has App potential
  • Talk to the super-helpful guys at B60 – ask for Tim and tell him I sent you! – – and have a chat and chew the fat over how Apps could work for you.
  • If you’re a ‘broadcaster’, tell your webinar folk about the GTW app…
  • … and watch out for my next webinar – I’ll be telling you all about it next week, so try to hang on till then!



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