Progress – not perfection

Progress – not perfection

My huge thanks this week go to James Ashford, a fabulous business speaker I had the pleasure of listening to at a conference I was also speaking at this week.

His theme was understanding what it is that often stops people getting stuff done . The important stuff in their business – like their marketing, for example. The stuff that will make it grow.

It’s all too easy to be daunted at the giant size of the ‘to do’ list – that feeling that there is so much still to be done. And his point was, focus on what you’ve got done, not what you’ve still got to get done. Keep moving forward by taking one step at a time. In other words, focus on progress – not perfection.

Now, I teach this stuff all the time but I immediately recognised some of my own behaviours here and he has given me a great opportunity to pause and reflect. I often don’t get started on important parts of my marketing, because there feels like SOOOO much to do. Like writing my blog posts – ideally not the night before they’re due out!

I recently worked with a lovely new client – Hayley – and we drew up her first-ever marketing strategy along with an action plan to make it all happen. I know she was daunted by the task and we broke it down into bite-sized chunks, in order of priority, to help her focus on what she had to do. But even so, this was new territory for her.

I was so pleased to receive this comment in an email from her this morning …

“I’ve been ticking things off on my Action Lists and feeling good about getting things accomplished. It’s not as daunting or time-consuming as I built it up in my head to be, which has been a nice surprise!”

So, thank you Hayley for the timely reminder that in my business, just as in yours, I simply need to make a plan, tick off one thing at a time and congratulate myself for what I’ve got done.

So, my question to you today is simply this – what have you been putting off doing because you’ve been seeking perfection rather than progress? What could you achieve by the end of today if you applied some different thinking?


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