Social Media? … I don’t think so. Not at my age!

Social Media? … I don’t think so. Not at my age!

I had an interesting conversation with a prospective customer this week and we were discussing the role of social media in driving traffic to a website. The problem is,” he said, “I don’t come from a generation that knows anything about the internet and social media.”

And I accept that this is, on the face of it, an interesting conundrum.

By the time you read this blog, I’m going to be on my way up to the Lake District – my main purpose is to go on a Kayaking Course.

I’ve only been in a kayak once before and, to be honest, I was pretty hopeless and struggled getting it to go in the direction I wanted. But no-one was teaching me ‘how’ … and that’s something I intend to put right this weekend. Meaning that I’ve hired an expert and he and I – and Mr Day – are heading out onto Lake Windermere with all the gear.

Because, the thing is, I’ll be damned if the opportunities that are open to me are going to be defined by my age. Kids these days do kayaking at school and beyond and learn the basic skills and confidence early on.

That wasn’t the case for my generation so, if I want to have fun out on the water, I need to take matters into my own hands – meaning I’ve got to get out of my comfort zone and have a go. It’s what started me rock climbing 10 years or so ago and I hope it’s what will make me passable in a kayak over the next few days too.

OMG – Social Media is HUUUUGE!!!

So, whilst I completely understand that Facebook and Instagram aren’t the most natural media for older business owners – the fact is you’ve just gotta get out there and learn about it. Because one thing is for sure, social media isn’t going away.

Just take a look at Wearesocial’s most recent stats on internet and social media use in 2015 …

Globally, in 12 months:

  • Active internet users have increased by 21% – that’s an extra 525 million people!
  • Social media has increased by 12% – up by 222 million
  • Mobile users are up by 5% (+185 million) …
  • … and active social / mobile users are up by a whopping 23% or +313 million.

Check out this table for usage in Europe – 70% penetration in internet use. 46% are actively using social media, and 34% using social media via mobile.

Asking the right questions …

Look it’s not rocket science – it just means adopting a new mind-set and setting yourself some new challenges. Just try asking yourself some key questions:

  • What are other people doing?
  • What is the benefit to them? Is it list building? Or sales? Exposure? Positioning?
  • And, ‘how can I make that work for me’?
  • Good luck with it – I’d love to hear about your ‘new media’ successes. What have you made work for you?


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