The FOUR-Man Business Builder

The FOUR-Man Business Builder


How to transform your business-growth strategy AND ‘get stuff done’!

Over two days, you, me and three other focused business people are going to sit down and reshape your whole business growth and marketing strategy – forcing you to overcome every obstacle that’s been holding you back, causing you grief, frustrating you and generally blocking your progress.

Then we’ll work together over 12 months to help you make some major changes in the way you ‘do’ your marketing. Together we’ll turn every detail upside down, challenge you, fix the issues and help you create a brand-spanking, totally-transformed marketing strategy and shiny new sales and marketing funnel that will deliver business to your door.

In order to properly get to grips with your marketing strategy you not only need to get experienced and expert input – but you also to retrain how you think about – and DO – marketing.

The FOUR-Man Business Builder offers you both. Not only will you get huge injections of ideas and strategic input but, by working with other people, you get to reinforce and practice new ideas and challenging thinking. We promise you’ll leave with a finely tuned plan, and the ability to retain and build on your new thinking in the 12 months following the session. 

Our collective experience will give you massive of input, ideas and insights about your strategy, you customers and your message. And, by helping the others in the group in the same way, you continually reinforce your thinking and learning.

What’s included with the FOUR-man Business Builder…

  • Four hands-on sessions over 2 days with me and three other business owners, working through essential, intensive strategy sessions where the group will be focused on YOUR business
  • A two-hour one to one with Vanessa Lanham-Day
  • Six half day ‘mini-mastermind’ sessions where you’ll get your hot-seat where we’ll all focus on your business, helping you get real clarity on whatever you’re working on in your marketing
  • Six 90-minute group coaching calls, where we’ll hold you to account for getting your ‘stuff done‘ and help you overcome whatever’s getting in your way
  • An exclusive Facebook group where you can connect with, ask for help from and support other members throughout the year 

What one client said about the Four Man Business Builder …

I met Vanessa at a talk and she was the first marketing professional I had heard who spoke the same language as me. She was really clear on how to achieve goals and sees each business as a separate entity – definitely not a one-size fits all approach. She has a great imagination when it comes to helping a business stand out from the crowd and be seen – which is exactly what I was after.

“The Four Man Business Builder has really focussed me and helped me get and stay on track with my own marketing. Working with the other businesses is helpful as well as inspiring – other people see your business in a very different way to you, and the Four Man provides a great space for honesty and trust.

“Just a few months in and I now know exactly who my target markets are and more importantly WHY they are and what messages will help me reach them.

“I love the Commitments sheets that we have to complete each month. As a business owner who is not really accountable to anyone, it has really helped to feel accountable to Vanessa and the group, at least just for the marketing side of the business!

“As well as that, Vanessa is very supportive, and will work through any tough bits with you until you feel you have got it right.”

Louise Boardman-Rule, Director at Ten2Two, Farnham

The costs for The FOUR-Man Business Builder… 

The cost of the Four Man Business Builder is just £299+vat per month, for 12 months. 

If you would like to be part of a FOUR-Man group, contact us here>>



Why you might need the The FOUR-Man Business Builder… 

  • Growing your business is super-important to you – after all, the future for you and your family (and your team) is riding on it
  • Everyone is working their butts off and it’s hard to see how you could squeeze any more profit the way things are
  • You’ve absolutely no idea if you are spending your marketing time and money on the things that are bringing in the best returns
  • Things have been pretty static in recent years – you seem to have ‘plateaued’ – you know you need to do something but don’t know what
  • There’s no dynamic ‘plan’ for your marketing – you tend to do the same kinds of things most years

If any – or all! – of these has you nodding in agreement, then our FOUR-Man Business Builder has been created just for YOU.

What kind of person benefits from the FOUR-man Business Builder?

  • You need to be prepared to contribute to discussions and support the other guys on the team – you’ll help them as well as learn in the process
  • You need to be able to take advice from other people – maybe even some harsh truths 
  • You’ve got to be prepared to put the work in – during the session and after. We can’t fix your business in 48 hours, but we can give you a great foundation to move forward.
  • And you have to be able to respect confidentiality – we’re going to be discussing confidential matters in the group, and everyone needs to be confident their information will be kept safe. 

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