The HUGE power of social proof

The HUGE power of social proof

Now, I like to be thorough in the things that I do but I’m no rocket scientist or supreme intellect (well, unless my husband is asking, obviously!). However, I can’t understand why most other professional marketers consultants don’t seem to see the world the same way I do? Is it arrogance or just stupidity? Read on …

If you’ve been keeping up (!), you’ll know I’ve been talking a lot about the government Growth Voucher scheme and how you can get up[ to £2000 match funding towards your marketing planning strategy. And lots of very smart people have been talking to me about this following the webinar I did last week.

Now, to be one of the official scheme advisers, I need to be an Accredited Adviser, which basically means I am a bona fide professional with experience. Which is true, I am! Accredited Advisers get put onto the Enterprise Nation Marketplace and that’s where people like you get to choose who you want to work with on your marketing under the scheme.

There are 127 accredited marketing advisers in total across the whole UK and my profile is up there, with lots of good stuff about me and a whole bunch of testimonials. In fact, I currently have the largest number of testimonials and I’m very proud of that. There’s a lot of hot air spoken under the good name of marketing, and my customers don’t seem to think I’m guilty of that! See me here>>

The HUGE power of social proof

Personally I think testimonials are vital – I mean, why would you take advice from someone who can’t offer any proof of the merit of their work? Websites like Trip Advisor, Amazon, Top Table, and eBay know only too well the enormous power of social proof. It’s one of Cialdini’s key ‘weapons of persuasion’ and you might think that anyone worth their salt in marketing would know that too!

So, why is it that, of the 127 advisers in the UK, 103 have no testimonials at all? None. Zero. Zilch!! 10 have just one review. Another 10 have 2-5 reviews. Two have 6. One has 8. And one has 9. And yes, that’s me. And they are all bloody good testimonials, if I do say so myself.

So if you are thinking about using an Accredited Adviser for your Growth Voucher, check out what their customers said about them before you do anything else. And give me a shout if you’d like to know more about the scheme.

And ask yourself, are you making the most of the power of social proof in your business?



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