What you can learn from Britain’s Got Talent Winners about growing your business

What you can learn from Britain’s Got Talent Winners about growing your business

Just before Christmas we – as in, Mr Day and me – went to see ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Winners, Diversity at the O2 as a belated Birthday treat for me. For the uninitiated they are a group of street dancers led by the enormous and charismatic Ashley Banjo.

I booked the tickets several months ago and it has to be said that Mr Day was less than keen – all not very ‘manly’ I guess! – and had been trying to palm off his ticket to friends for some while! To be fair, many of the audience were under 16 and very obviously from the dance fraternity. But the majority just came for the spectacle and we weren’t disappointed.

But that’s not what this blog is about. Dance and business, per se, aren’t obvious bedfellows.

Ashley Banjo is a very interesting guy. If you’ve ever heard him speak on dance – or even current affairs – programmes you’ll have spotted what an inspirational giant of a man he is. Unequivocally the ‘leader’ of his gang – it’s definitely not a democracy in Diversity! – he uses his position and fame to spread the message that you can truly be anything you truly want to be.

Dream. Believe. Achieve.

The Diversity mantra says it all. And, now at the start of 2015, it’s a message that many business owners should consider:

Dream Having a clear and inspiring vision of what life is going to be when you’ve reached your destination

Believe And having total faith that you CAN achieve your dream … creating the driving force that will help you to do everything necessary to make your dream a reality

Achieve Actually doing the hard work to make sure your dream moves ever closer. Day-in, day-out – leaving no stone unturned

Each week I have exploratory calls with business owners keen to get some help with their marketing plan. In my pre-call questionnaire, when asked what they want to achieve in the next 12-18 months, most plump for a 10%-15% growth from where they are now – arguably not the most compelling of visions!

When asked if they have any sort of plan on how to achieve their goal, most opt for the ‘No’ or ‘I’ve had a few thoughts’ options from the drop down list.

Now, I completely get that the reason people call me is to help them create the detailed plan; but I can’t dream their dream for them. And, you might imagine that, if their dream was exciting enough, they would have got beyond ‘I’ve had a few thoughts’ in terms of a plan.

I’m genuinely not criticising – it’s hard to get excited about the future of your business when you are locked in the daily grind of hard graft. You need take some time out and step away in my experience. But you simply won’t achieve anything valuable without a vision of what YOU really want.

diversity 1The fact of the matter is, the guys in Diversity used to be students and plumbers etc – ordinary guys, not superstars. They now perform to sell out-stadiums, are forever on TV and are full-time performers.

It wasn’t luck that they won Britain’s Got Talent – it was the result of hours, weeks, months and years of hard work, focus and dedication. That and an unfailing belief in their mantra – Dream, Believe, Achieve. 

Definitely worth thinking about.



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