Who Cares Ebook Offer

Who Cares Ebook Offer

Discover the fundamentals behind creating the powerful marketing engine that will drive YOUR business into SUPER SUCCESS mode…

Creating a powerful marketing engine is absolutely essential for your business, which is why I’d like to tell you about my book which is called
‘Who Cares? – the 5 BIG questions you need to ask before writing your best ever marketing plan.’

I’m Vanessa Lanham-Day and I’ve been a professional marketer for over 30 years and I’ve worked closely with many small business owners for the last 25 years through my marketing business CProject.

The problem is that most people come at it from completely the wrong direction – they often focus on how they are going implement their marketing tools rather than understanding the more fundamental factors.

I’ve called the book WHO CARES? for a very simple reason. Because great marketing all comes down to caring. In any business there are two different people need to care about what you do – YOU and YOUR CUSTOMER. Both of you need to care – a lot!

My 5 BIG questions will help you understand these two key players MUCH more clearly – meaning that you’ll get a much more powerful plan as a result. If, or more to the point, when you have answers to these, your marketing becomes easy – incredibly easy in fact.

But if you don’t address these BIG questions up front, or you skim through them with no real thought or depth, you’ll find you have got a time-consuming and potentially expensive uphill struggle on your hands. Your plan won’t help to differentiate your business and you’ll just be lost in a crowded marketplace with everyone else.

To get hold of your copy of my book– just fill in your name and email address in the box and I’ll send it to you – by email – straight away. There’s no charge (even though the book is worth £25!) and I really hope it will help you step back and think hard about the most important marketing questions in your business.

So – as I say – if you want to start thinking differently and take your marketing plan to a new level, all you need to do is pop your details in the box and I’ll get a copy sent to you without delay.

Here are some of the things we offer and can help you with…

Marketing plans
Marketing communications
Marketing ideas
Marketing techniques
Designing marketing campaigns
Marketing strategy examples
Digital marketing
Business to business marketing
Brand marketing

Ongoing marketing consultancy
Marketing tips
New types of marketing
Target marketing
Various marketing methods
The importance of marketing
Effective marketing
Marketing tactics

Marketing advice
Small business marketing
Corporate marketing
Local business marketing
Marketing fundamentals
Creating your marketing engine
Powerful marketing
Marketing implementation”


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