Why backing up a step is the sure-fire way to move forward in your drive for sales

Why backing up a step is the sure-fire way to move forward in your drive for sales

I work with a LOT of business owns devising and crafting their marketing plans, marketing funnels and the sales & marketing ‘machine’ that needs to sit behind it all. 

And there is one subtle shift in thinking that I frequently see that could get them – and you – thinking VERY differently about marketing.

You see, most people are keen to drive their customers towards a buying decision. I get that. It’s obvious.

Only, actually it’s not. Because we, as consumers, instinctively DON’T like being sold to. Or feeling like we are being backed into a corner. You know that – you’re a consumer too after all!

Which is why, as a marketer, you need to back up a step.

Good clothes retailers understand this, which is why they have changing rooms. They know that the thing most likely to happen BEFORE you buy an item of clothing, is that you try it on. And that’s progressed even further in recent years with the internet boom and ‘returns policies’ on the High Street, meaning you get to try stuff on at home – with your other stuff. 

It’s ‘the thing that’s most likely to happen BEFORE’ you buy. 

And all businesses have a ‘thing that’s most likely to happen BEFORE’. 

In my case it’s a conversation. No-one joins a Mastermind or Coaching Programme without a conversation. That would be nuts! Which is why all my marketing simply drives people to talk to me – sometimes for free; sometimes they pay. But the key is always the conversation – the idea of ‘a cost’ is simply to make the call feel more valuable.

And it’s not just me I assure you …

  • No-one joins a gym without visiting it and getting a feel for the facilities.
  • No-one books a wedding reception venue without checking over the room layouts and the menu. 
  • No-one buys a franchise without some sort of ‘discovery’ meeting and probably a conversation with another franchisee. 
  • No-one swaps accountants without some sort of ‘numbers health check’.
  • No-one buys a private school without meeting the Head and doing a tour.

These are the things that are most likely to happen BEFORE. 

So, the question is – what is YOUR ‘thing that’s most likely to happen BEFORE’?

Because when you know that it will change everything about your marketing. It means you’ll stop trying to sell ‘your thing’ and start focusing on getting people to do ‘the thing that’s most likely to happen BEFORE’.

As consumers we are MUCH more receptive to ‘the thing that’s most likely to happen BEFORE’ – it feels helpful, supportive and valuable. It builds trust and a great relationship. Everything you want to achieve in your relationship with customers. 

If you’ve got a great marketing funnel and a great marketing machine driving the conversations, the visits, the tours and the health checks, then the sales conversations will happen naturally I promise. 

And a great sales process will take care of the conversions. And that, of course, is another blog!



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