What a great week it’s been for the bloggers! A stonker I’d say. The news has been awash with metaphor potential.

Coaches and referees…

I only caught a small amount of the rugby International on Sunday but the short section that I did hear has caught the headlines.

The Italians were confusing the English game plan by not committing bodies to the ruck, confusing the England players. England Captain Hartley asked referee Roman Poite to explain and was given a brilliant response from the Frenchman; “I’m a referee not a coach.”

Not surprisingly the coaches have been out in force – business coaches, life coaches, sports coaches, technical coaches – grabbing this brilliant opportunity to tease yet more metaphors out of the story. And to engage their audience.

Cock up at the Oscars

The came the BIG one. The Oscars. When Warren Beatty managed to read out the wrong name for Best Picture. Well, more to the point, he read out the RIGHT name but from the WRONG card. Oops.

Looks like the guy in the wings gave him the wrong envelope. A small process error – he hadn’t moved the previous envelope to the bottom of the pile – and hey presto, history was made.

Well, standby for a flurry of emails about the simple processes in your business that can so easily go wrong and cause a serious – catastrophic even – cock up!

Fifty Shades of Chocolate Factories

And today it’s World Book Day. Every man and his dog is sharing their favourite business book, their most inspiring author, metaphors around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and, who knows, probably Fifty Shades of Grey too. Zillions of opportunities – there’s probably even an inspiring book about plumbing out there somewhere.

I don’t know what to say!!!

My point is, the question I MOST get asked when I challenge clients to stay in contact with their customers – past, present and potential – is “but what do I write about?”

And the answer is simple. Just look and listen around you. Opportunities present themselves in every shape and size on a daily basis. In the news. A plot from East Enders or the return of Broadchurch. A funny thing that happened to you at the traffic lights. Something your kids said. A customer story.

Many of my weekly blogs are video based – and they all stem from stories that are personal to me. My forthcoming birthday invites. My favourite local gin. A trip to a French market.

Each of my featured stories from this last week would have worked for pretty much ALL businesses in some way. I mean, I’ve managed to use all three!

You simply need to engage your antennae and ask yourself, ‘how can I use that?’. Truly it’s not difficult and it allows you to communicate in a way that doesn’t simply say ‘we sell X – please buy from us!’.

I’m pretty certain you don’t buy from people who do that to you – and neither do your customers.

So, have a great week – and do let me know about any great examples of media inspired blogs you’ve either written or read.