In this last week I have had TWO of these conversations.

And in 2019 so far, I’ve probably had half a dozen similar conversations.

And it’s almost always about websites. Or, more to the point, lack of websites!

They tend to sound something like this …
  •     I can’t launch until my new website is finished and I can’t get them to commit to a date
  •     I’ve just briefed my third lot of web designers – the others have let me down and it’s cost me a fortune
  •     The web people say it will be another 3 weeks – but they’ve been saying that for months
  •     My web designer hasn’t replied to me about that
  •     I don’t know how to access my domain – my web designer doesn’t reply to any of my emails
  •     I can’t update the site myself – and the web guy tends to take 2 to 3 weeks to make the changes I want

In 16 years of consultancy and mentoring, the issue of unreliable web suppliers is the single biggest external business growth ‘block’ I come across.

Which is why I end up wondering who the ruddy customer is here?

Now, I’m not saying all web designers are unreliable and this is most definitely NOT a ‘web bashing’ blog. As in all suppliers, there are the great, the good, the bad and the definitely-to-be-avoided! It’s just that the IMPACT of an unreliable web designer can have a crushing impact on a business – more than on any other marketing asset in my opinion.

And I think I know why this issue keeps coming up.

Web designers are Techy geeks. Mostly.

Which means they usually like bright shiny new things. It’s part of what you invest in with someone in the world of technology.

However, people who like bright shiny new things get bored easily, which doesn’t always sit easily with first class customer service, reliability and adherence to deadlines. There is always a new project more likely to get their attention than yours. The good people know how to be both creative AND deliver customer service but sadly that’s not true of all suppliers.

I also think some of them also like the idea that, for the most part, they know more about it all than you do – which gives them power. Heaven forbid they make it easy for you to do for yourself – it would do them out of a job!

Like I say, I’m not tarring all web designers with the same brush – I know some AMAZING web folk who I would 100% trust. They listen to their clients. They create amazing websites that are a brilliant shop window for your business. They support and empower clients with the skills to manage their website. They are in it for the long-term – knowing that a happy customer brings recommendations and loyalty.

My point is, a small percentage aren’t like that. They trade on your ignorance and tend to prioritise whatever new sexy techy project has their attention, and your annoying updates don’t stand a chance. Meaning they let you down.

Your website is your primary marketing asset and people who play fast and loose with it – and you – need to be called to account.

The customer is key too!

In defence of web designers, I know their biggest gripe is clients who under-perform – with delays in delivering web copy, photos and other assets. As in all relationships, it’s a two-way street and don’t be surprised if your designer loses interest 6 months into a 3 week project!

Don’t accept poor service

If you find yourself in a web relationship where you feel you have no control of your key web assets, then you need to take charge and make a change. You definitely don’t need to put up with poor service when there are so many good folk around.

Testimonials and recommendations are gold dust – so always make sure you understand your web designer’s track record BEFORE you entrust them with your project. If you’d like a recommendation to any of the great web folk I work with, email me and I’ll happily share.

And if you are one of those people who struggles understanding how to pull the right website brief together on your own, you should book in for one of my ButtKicker Focus Calls where I’ll help you get some direction.

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