I presented my first webinar in a long while last week – I just got out of the habit and it seemed time to get started again. I decided to focus on LinkedIn (powerful use thereof!) as the content as it’s something of a perennial in my Four Man Business Builder groups.

And I’m so glad I did because the pre-webinar survey revealed a shocking truth …

…43% of people said they were ‘bumbling around in the dark’ with LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is simply the BIGGEST database in the world and it’s free for you to use. There are half a billion users – and even if you only connect powerfully with a handful of these it could make a big difference to your bottom line.

I’ll admit I’ve only recently started to ‘work’ LinkedIn and already it’s turned into £cash in terms of sales, and certainly I have added dozens of new connections to my ‘opted in’ list. In short, you’d be daft not to understand how in 60 – 90 minutes a week you could generate real business from your LinkedIn contacts.

My survey threw up some more revealing statistics …

  • 39% of people are mostly connected to other people in their industry – in other words, financial advisers talking to other financial advisers, or accountants talking to other accountants.
  • 17% only accept connections from people they have met face to face – which is rather defeating the object of an online networking environment, in my (not so humble) opinion!
  • 100% of those who registered said they were looking for some sort of sales / marketing outcome from Linked in, yet …
  • … only 16% of people said they used LinkedIn to generate conversations with potential customers


So, if any of that sounds like you – you need to watch my webinar recording. I teamed up with LinkedIn specialist Allen Ruddock and he has some really powerful advice to offer – simple stuff but it works.

Here is the recording>>

Allen is a great guy to work with and if you are serious about upping your LinkedIn game then you’d do well to connect with him. I’ve added links to the various programmes he offers below  … remember to use the ONTRACK offer code.

Allen’s programmes …
  • LinkedIn Business Advantage – online programme, normally £197 – £97 with ONTRACK promo code – buy it here>>
  • LinkedIn Group Mastery – groupprogramme, normally £495 – £370 with ONTRACK promo code – buy it here>>
  • LinkedIn 121 Mastery – online programme, normally £795 – £645 with ONTRACK promo code – buy it here>>
  • Or ‘talk to Allen’ if you’re not sure which is best for you – book a call here>>

How do you use LinkedIn? What success stories can you share?