One of my clients has pulled on her ‘big girl pants’ this month and is just about to launch her first properly-grown-up Google Ads campaign and it’s a great example of what I describe as properly thought through ‘nose to tail’ marketing thinking.

For those of you not in the know with all things ‘pay-per-click’ (PPC), Google Ads appear at the TOP of searches when someone Googles a specific phrase. The art is getting to understand exactly what your likely customers are likely to search for.

And, given you get charged by Google every time someone clicks on your ad, you’d think it would make sense to really focus on finding the right customers and getting them to buy! Well, you might think it – but from my experience I’d say very few advertisers have much of an understanding of how customers buy. And whether or not your are into Google Ads, or whether it’s just classic search engine (SEO) Google traffic to your website that interests you, the thought processes are the same.

‘Nose to tail thinking’ simply involves keep asking the ‘and then what?’ question.

Now, I’m no Google Ads specialist – which is why I always recommend clients use specialists to either do the work, or to teach them how to manage campaigns effectively. But I am, however, VERY expert at spending our money – and at using Google to help me find people to spend it with. Just ask Mr Day and he’ll soon assure of my credentials in the spending department!

I, like most others, tend to use spare bits of my time available to me to simply ‘Google it’. It’s unlikely to be in classic office hours. And I want answers NOW because NOW is when I have allocated time to solving this problem. Meaning that I’m not impressed when websites waste my time.

What I want to find is someone who ‘does’ what I am looking for. Who looks like they know what they are doing. Where the price seems right. And the delivery. Put simply, I want to get the box ticked and off my ‘to do’ list.

Which is where most business owners get it so badly wrong, in my opinion, with little thought to what gets ‘delivered’ via a Google search, and the ‘what happens next’ process. Seemingly determined to make it harder for me to buy rather than easier!

Whether or not you are a ‘Google Ads’ user, the lessons are fundamental to every aspect of getting people to connect with your business via your website and the internet.

I thought I’d tackle this issue in two parts:

  • Delivering what people are searching for
  • Getting the ‘next step’ right – and wrong!

So, this week Part One – Delivering what people are searching for

Who knew there was such a thing as a ‘steel pipe shelf’? Yet I bought 14 of them on Sunday whilst still in bed with my morning tea! I started searching for a ‘metal shelf with bars’ and let the search results help me refine my search.

My improved ‘steel pipe shelf’ search came up with several options but most didn’t sell what I was looking for. I ended up on a page of generic commercial kitchen equipment; one that sold steel (but not pipe) shelves; and several that were just shelving in general. I was frustrated because they clearly did not sell what I had searched for – which is a waste of my time.  But, from their perspective, they had been billed for my ‘click which is a massive waste of their money!

Not surprisingly, the people who got my business were the people who took me to a page that had, you’ll never guess, a range of steel pipe shelves!! All the size options and accessories and lots of pictures showing me how the system worked. IKEA would you believe.

Interesting too is that, on the page they don’t actually describe the product as ‘pipe shelves’ in the body of the web page. However, they have clearly recognised the phrase as a relevant search term for SEO and PPC. Smart thinking.

You may not be an expert at the technical side but you should be an expert in the science of your customers and how they think and buy. If you aren’t a natural at all things Google, web analytics, that’s fine – just employ someone who is. But it’s YOU who needs to do the smart thinking.

Buying services as well as products …

And it isn’t just instant purchases I’m talking about, where money changes hands immediately. When I’m looking for help with a problem, I often start my search for specialist services whilst in bed, on in the conservatory at the weekend with a coffee. In fact, anytime where my PJs and dressing gown are prerequisites, as it’s when I’ve got time to do some lateral thinking, explore ideas and see what sort of solutions there might be.

The people who get my business are the people who help me understand my problem in more detail and even start to influence my thinking. Plus where they’ve allowed me to ‘move forward’ with solving the problem – helping me get my ‘to do list’ boxes ticked. They quickly become my trusted friend. By the time we might get to speak a few days later, I already feel that they are a trusted part of my team and are integral to the solution. And all before 9am on a Monday morning.

More about ‘moving customers forward’ next week; how to get it right; and, what most businesses manage, how to get it badly wrong!!


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