I decided to give podcasting a go this week. Been thinking about it for ages but have done nothing about it however. You know how it goes. It’s just that it struck me that people are MUCH more likely to consume audio – as they do video – versus downloading print and reading it. I’m as guilty as the next man – or woman!

Well, this week was the week to break out of the malaise and take action – and it was surprisingly simple …

  • Script: I’ve started by doing a podcast version of one of my e-book resources – Playing To Win! The 7 Habits of Super Successful Small Business Owners. Meaning that I already had a script – makes it much simpler!
  • Equipment: If you are going to do this at home or in the office – versus paying for a studio – you need to get equipped with reasonable quality basics – ie. the recording medium and the mic. I used my normal desktop recording software – Camtasia – plus I already had a decent mic (a Yeti) that I used for my video and webinar broadcasts.
  • Recording process: I broke the book into bite sized chunks – each of the 7 habits plus and intro and outro. After a few test goes, I recorded one section at a time and edited as I went along. Camtasia is REALLY easy to edit – so if you bumble and stumble, just leave a small gap and repeat the offending passage. Quick cut and paste in the edit and you’re sorted.
  • Creating the audio file: I then created a M4a file direct from Camtasia. Took about 30 seconds.
  • Sharing the Podcast: I was a at a bit of a loss as to what to do next, at that point – how to deliver it to people? It turns out that Podcast / audio files need to be hosted in much the same way as video does on YouTube or Vimeo.There are plenty of options, but I opted for Audioboom – $9.99 a month, with a free month’s trial to get you started. Once I’d uploaded the file – very simple to do – it then provided a link direct to my podcast on AudioBoom, as well as the embedded code I can use on my website. I’ve added mine – well, my web chappy added it!! – to the Thank You page, which people see once they’ve signed up.

Start to finish? Less than a day in total – I spread the recordings out in between other work, so as to stay fresh, and certainly it will take less time in future now I’ve worked out how it all fits together. Plus it has cost me zero, other than some time.

So, if you’d like to see how I got on and judge the results for themselves, why not request my Playing To Win book here, and it will be delivered direct to your desk.

Get your copy of the book and access to my ‘Playing To Win!’ podcast here>>

Why not think about how Podcasting could fit in your resources mix? It’s a great way to add credibility to your profile and to share you free stuff to your audience.

Let me know how you get on!!