What is it with men? Or maybe it’s just my husband! But certainly his filter for ‘these socks REALLY should be in the bin’ is a LOT higher than mine. Meaning that I have to regularly raid the clean washing basket if we are to remove socially unacceptable footwear from general circulation.

However, I hadn’t counted on Boris and Bella’s intervention. We have two cats – well, overgrown kittens at 18 months – and they have a very keen nose for new and exciting toys hidden in strange place. Especially ones you can chase, catch and stalk. And old socks from the bin rank pretty highly it would seem!

My point is – for me they had no more use. For them, Daddy’s old socks had a whole new purpose and lease of life!

And the marekting moral of the story …?

So, there I was updating my website and CRM system, I found myself frustrated by the potential volume of work needed to create all the new resources and ‘value adds’ necessary to connect with new prospects. No time! Stressed! Arghhh!

So, just to keep the project moving, I had a quick rummage through my ‘old stuff’, just to see if there was anything there that would ‘make do’ while I created some new ‘shiny shiny’ versions.

And blimey, I was surprised! Like, REALLY surprised. I mean, this stuff was good! 

In my mind, they had faded and weren’t really up to the mark. I was bored with them I guess. I definitely didn’t remember feeling that smart when I wrote them, but hey – clearly, what do I know? 

And I’m sure the same is true for you. 

Repurposing is the ‘buzz word’ of social media. But don’t just look at your current resources and find new ways to use them; think what great value you already have available and just waiting for you to share. 

We often spend so much time try to find the ‘next thing’ or something brighter and shinier, that we forget about the value of what we’ve already got.

All I did was to re-edit my three books with 2017 in mind, as well as giving them a bit of a facelift to match my brand identity. And hey presto – three great resources that I am VERY proud to put my name to.

Now, whether like me you’ve got some slightly out of date ‘ebooks’ you can revitalise, or whether you’ve got some great blog posts that you can gather into a super-useful lead magnet for your clients and prospects (checkout the amazing  www.beacon.by to do this for free) my point is, don’t keep looking for something new that’s going to take you time and effort. 

Ask yourself, how you can get some good stuff out there quickly using what is already available to you?

So, all comments welcome on ‘my stuff’ –  take a look for yourself… (just click the images)

leadbait speak up 2017 sm leadbait who cares 2017 sm


Why not challenge yourself to get something ‘old’ back out there in an up-to-date form by the end of next week? 

And let me know how you get on.