OK, OK – I know, you’ve not heard from me in a while. Just before Christmas to be precise. Oops!!!

And I have my reasons – I had a proper stinky cold and two lots of bronchitis either side of the festive celebrations. There’s even been talk of Asthma and I’m giving a pair of inhalers a daily run for their money. We’ve had some family strife too that has quite rightly taken some of my focus. That and running a business, blogging hasn’t found its way to the top of the weekly list.

Yada yada yada!!

But it still means I’ve not been in touch, however understandable my excuses may be. Sorry!

And I’m not alone – most small business owners will find themselves stalling their regular comms at some point in any given year. It happens. Life gets in the way.

Of course, I really do hope I have a good relationship with my ‘list’ and I’m sure you will forgive me a brief absence of advice on marketing and business growth, but it’s not an ideal answer is it?

So, it’s made me stop and think about what I could have done to stay in touch better, despite coughing for England! What action could I have taken to have prevented my Marketing Blog hiatus?

  • I could have recycled some past blogs. In fact, I did this last Summer and had some great responses from people who loved being reminded of the basics. I’ve no idea why I didn’t think about this … too much lounging on the sofa watching daytime TV I guess!
  • I could have invited some guest bloggers to fill in the gaps for me. There are loads of people I know who would have a great message relevant to my gang – if only I’d asked.
  • I could have paid someone to blog for me. There are plenty of blog writers out there and not overly pricey too.

But I did none of these. Oops.

Well, as Valentine’s Day this week reminded us – relationships really are everything. And I hope with some timely grovelling I’ve rekindled ours.

Promise to do better in future. 🙂