Last week I got to be featured on a two hour radio programme. Yes, a whole two hours all about me! Heaven! And I got to choose all the music which was great fun to do – see below for my music choices if you are interested.

It was a conversational programme with the uber experienced Roy Allaway, who used to be pro but who now hosts the most popular programme on Radio Woking. OK, OK – so it wasn’t exactly Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, but for me it was just as exciting.

Essentially Roy just chats with his guests and gets to understand their world a bit better – so, we chatted small businesses and the struggles people have with growing, my business journey and my passion for music.

Not surprisingly, it’s got a lot of traction on my business social media as, in my experience, people are much more interested in the human side of you than in your business messages. If you are not engaging as a ‘person’ you really ought to explore this approach more.

Anyhow, if you fancy a listen, here’s the link to my show>>

And here are my music choices …

  • Coldplay, Sky Full of Stars – arm waving, bouncing Chris Martin at his best … makes me want to crazy and dance!
  • Don McLean, American Pie (the full version!!) – anthem of our 60th birthday celebrations last year and we got to see him at the Palladium last month
  • U2, Vertigo – what an amazing rock band, seen them live lots
  • Ed Sheeran, Castle on the Hill – love the autobiographical element – seeing him at Wembley this weekend
  • Queen, You’re My Best Friend – we used Queen music throughout our wedding (after 25 years together) and I married my best mate.
  • Hugh Jackman, From Now On (from The Greatest Showman) – love that grit and determination … sits very well with being The ButtKicker
  • The Who, Won’t get fooled again – saw them live at the first ever football stadium gig at Charlton in 1974 – WOW!
  • Patti Griffin, MLK song – a special song for me and Steve
  • Pink Floyd, Fat Old Sun – only discovered this a year ago but is a perfect ‘song of 2 halves’ from Pink Floyd. Alternative Comfortably Numb or Great Gig in the Sky (we should have played the live version however)
  • Elbow, Grounds for Divorce – I almost met Guy Garvey once!!!
  • Mott the Hoople, All the Young Dudes – I saw Mott the Hoople in 1973 when they were supported by Queen! Extraordinary.

What would you have chosen and why?