Who knew The Archers would end up inspiring one of my blogs on business growth? 

This week I was interested to listen to an exchange between Kirsty at the health club with the dreaded Miranda (a high maintenance client!) and later her colleague Linda Snell. I quote it in full in the blog below but the gist of it involved an issue with deeply annoying ‘entitled and self obsessed’ customers. And it set me thinking about the value businesses place on the folk most keen to spend the most money.

Now, whether you perceive them as  ‘entitled and self obsessed’, or ‘clients who need to be nurtured to ensure they stay loyal for years to come’ is entirely down to you. And, more importantly, how you how choose to segment your client base and the services you offer to each level.

However, in my experience, far too many business owners spend too much valuable time chasing after the needs of the POOREST paying customers and nowhere near enough considering the needs of the clients who are spending the most.

Take a look at this weeks blog and decide for yourself where you stand on that spectrum … I promise you, it could be the start of a MASSIVE change in how you do business. 

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